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Leathers & Floggers

Dragon's Tongue

A fun toy of rolled and tapered suede leather, with a different colored ‘tongue’ overtop a hand turned ergonomic hardwood handle.

79.95 CAD

Keychain Flogger

Make a statement by adding this suede leather flogger to your keys or use it for sensation play and on more ‘intimate’ areas. Very popular as a naughty gift. 9 inch overall length.

14.95 CAD

Nylon with Rubber Rubber Twist Handle Cane

24.95 CAD

Swivel Flogger

149.95 CAD

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Similar in apperance to a pizza cutter, this wheel of pricky little pins can be rolled over the skin generating a unique tingly sensation many people respond to.

39.95 CAD

Whoomp Flogger

As the name suggests, this is an amazingly thuddy toy. The roll of plush suede leather with a hand turned hardwood handle that fits your palm provides a 'contained' thud.

74.95 CAD